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Our Story

I am Barbara Strafella and this the is the story of Brooklyn Iced Coffee.


In 1996 my mother, my daughter and I took a trip together to Italy. For two weeks we explored Italy from as far north as Venice then down to the southern region of Sorrento. When we returned home to New York, we shared fond reflections of our  favorite indulgences in Italy’s regional cuisine and beverages.  Coffee is a beloved, essential part of life for Italians and there was one particular coffee that lingered with all of us.  It was an iced coffee like none other; a rich brew with just the right amount of froth, distinctly robust, surprisingly smooth and not bitter. This Italian iced coffee had the perfect balance of sweetness and was spectacularly creamy, yet not overpowered with milk. Italian barista‘s take pride in their craft and watching the ritual of the creation and frothy presentation was an experience for the senses.

"My yearly visits to Italy always included my favorite iced coffee, I just couldn’t get enough of it. It became a part of my daily routine when I was in Italy. I always missed it when I returned home."


More than a decade later, in 2009 I decided to create my version of our favorite coffee. After painstaking efforts to achieve the perfect froth and numerous taste tests, Brooklyn Iced Coffee was born. Our proprietary mix is a 100% non-GMO Italian Roast coffee. Our decaf brew is not from a conventional caffeine removal process. We use a special species of beans that are grown without caffeine. All of our spices are also non-GMO, preservative free, both alcohol and gluten free with no artificial ingredients. The resulting combination of these ingredients is a smooth and refreshing iced coffee that is both satisfying and delicious.


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