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Everything you need to make the perfect cold brew at home.

The Brooklyn Mug

The jar provided is to be used to achieve the best coffee to froth ratio. This jar is the perfect partner to Brooklyn Iced Coffee since the proportions of our coffee mix, amount of ice and 4 ounces of boiling water were developed specifically for this size jar.  You can learn everything you want to know about the original mason jar here.

The Perfect Ice

When you start with the purest, clearest ice you will have the best tasting Brooklyn Iced Coffee possible.  Ice from an ice maker is perfect for your iced coffee. If you have to use ice trays be sure to start with purified cold water.  Even with purified water and cocktail-style trays the ice will freeze from all sides, trapping air in the center, which means cracks, faster melting, or worse: ice that smells like a freezer.  You can learn about making the perfect ice here.

Our Proprietary Blend

At Brooklyn Iced Coffee we have used only the finest ingredients for your drinking pleasure. Our non GMO ingredients were carefully chosen and taste tested before we finalized our recipe. We are extremely proud of the unique blend that we have created. Our mix has been perfectly measured at 2 scoops to be mixed in the jar provided with ice and 4 ounces of boiling water. Please follow our simple directions to experience the best iced coffee you will ever taste.

Boil Faster

You can use a tea kettle or a pot with a lid. Choose a medium sized pot with a lid. A lid will trap heat inside the pot, making the water boil faster. Add cold tap water- never start with hot water since it can pick up lead from your water pipes and is not recommended for drinking or cooking. Don’t fill the pot all the way to the top, a full pot can splash you as it boils. Place the pot over high heat with the lid on. Once the water begins to move in the pot turn down the heat a little and wait until it comes to a rolling boil. Take the pot away from the heat and wait a moment before you add 4 ounces of the boiling water to your Brooklyn Iced Coffee jar that is already prepped with ice and mix. Learn all about boiling water here.

Seal and Shake!

Once the ice, Brooklyn Iced Coffee mix and boiling water are in your jar put the lid on tightly and do the “Brooklyn Shake”  for 30 seconds. Place your jar upright for another 30 seconds and watch the beautiful froth appear right before your eyes.


Savor it from the very first sip, enjoy the froth coating the bottom, you can use a straw or use a spoon but be sure to get every last drop! We made our mix with iced coffee lovers in mind. If you love your iced coffee as much as we do, well then, you get it! We hope you enjoy your Brooklyn Iced Coffee as much as we do. We would love to hear how much your taste buds enjoy our iced coffee. You can follow us on Instagram, FaceBook and TikTok. 

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